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The Reksons team travels extensively both domestically and abroad in order to meet our clients’ diverse needs. Be it a Cotton Convention in Lubbock or a facility inspection in New Guinea, we travel to every corner of the globe to provide outstanding customer service.

Though much has changed in the world of soft commodities since the merchants of old, and even since the 50’s, the way Rekerdres & Sons started doing things remains the same: to be the most reliable, efficient, and knowledgeable marine cargo insurer out there. From our strong roots in the cotton industry at the Dallas Cotton Exchange building, to our noteworthy accomplishments in coffee and cocoa, we are…


reliable - efficient - knowledgable

Charles "Rek" Rekerdres became a licensed cotton insurance agent and starts "Rekerdres Agency."

After travelling globally for the cotton industry, he saw that... Originally in the cotton industryHe had been around the world and knew a lot of people, and as Texas was just coming on as a huge, fairly new market only a jump away from Mexico and Latin America, it just made sense to move to insurance.
The business starts off highly successful.

As a way to encourage his three sons to join, Charles renames the company "Rekerdres & Sons Insurance Agency, Inc."- without any of them even signing on yet.
Rek's optimism finally pays off, and his eldest son Ted officially joins the business in '77, with a Lloyd's of London apprenticeship in '79. On his return, he understudied with his father...
Late 70's
Reksons makes its first manuscripted policy, allowing it to...
1989 & 1997
1989 is a big year for the company, when Reksons wins the Presidential "E" Award for being the first insurance agency to have a majority of its premium income derived from cargo insurance exports.

In 1997, Reksons wins the E-Star Award, the top achievement honor in exporting from the US Department of Commerce, and an even bigger accomplishment.
Early 90's
Early 2000's
Now the third generation, Ted's son Adam joins the company.
Mid 2000's
Global sustainability efforts are on the rise, and Ted saw this as an opportunity.

Through a two-year loss ratio study, Rekerdres found that careful producers who focused on sustainable environmental and management practices thrived better in the long run. As these sustainable practices also assist in loss prevention, Reksons and its underwriters reward those who actively participate in improving sustainability.

First Green Dividend delivering in the Ivory Coast.
Rekerdres expands into nut accounts.
Ted, Brett, and Adam all become power brokers for the individual achievements in the industry for above and beyond risk management, customer service, and industry knowledge.
Ted retires and Brett takes over.
Early 70's
The company's cotton merchant clients began expanding into coffee in Guatemala, and Reksons gets its first coffee account.
Ted takes over and continues to learn on the job, his curiosity and determination to solve his client's problems...
Late 80's
After Ted bumps into college student Brett Anderhub at his alma mater, Brett joins Reksons as a full-time broker's assistant.
Reksons becomes one of the first P&C insurance agencies to recieve the ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate.

This is the international standard used by organizations to indicate their ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements, and all certified businesses must undergo rigorous annual verifications.
Bret - blurb about solving cocoa and humidity problems
Since 1953, in one way or another, Rekerdres & Sons have been 'confabing' with underwriters. However, in 2013 representatives of marine insurance companies from around the globe descended upon Dallas, RX for the first annual "Confab". Hosted by Rekerdres & Sons, the most prominent insurance underwriters in the coffee and cotton industry discussed market trends and reks management.
Adam - first peanut account.