Reksons Insurance International Australia

“RIIA” is a specialist marine commodity cargo insurance broker. We support Rekerdres & Sons Insurance Agency’s global program by assisting commodity export and import clients in the APAC region.


We tailor specific insurance products around commodity trading practices:  such as, the basis of valuation.  This enables covered claims to put you back to where you where before the loss, closely following the various markets (spot or futures) and qualities to allow a true replacement and, importantly, completion of your contract. Capitalising on 70 years of brokering commodity cargo insurance globally, we regularly negotiate customised clauses that respond to specific risks unique to your commodity and its market.

Working closely with selective industry specialists, we help mitigate damages and reduce nett claims – improving your insurance loss profile and therefore your insurance cost outlay.

Access your information anytime, anywhere

Our proprietary platform, compliant with ISO 9001 standards, efficiently manages your entire cargo insurance program. It can instantly issue certificates of insurance, deliver dynamic claims analysis, and monitor trends in your global activities.

The RIIA Team

Bill Dwyer, as a director, has 25 years of commodity risk management experience born out of physical soft commodity trading.  He has extensive global experience from the trade desks in Australia, United States, Switzerland and Singapore.

As one of the company’s responsible managers, Julie Wilkinson-Jones manages and maintains services to support the business. She has 23 years of insurance experience and focuses on our compliance with Australian insurance regulations.  Her expertise lies in the areas of professional risks, contractual liability, due diligence and risk management.

ASFL License No. 555799
ABN: 21 668 616 402

Office Location: Brisbane